Hyperlite and Varial are teaming up to produce top of the line surf style boards that have, in our opinion, 3 awesome qualities.

1. They’re made in the USA.

2. Their foam is 100% closed cell so it won’t absorb water if the board gets dinged.

3. Isolated flex (the nose and tail have independent flex characteristics).

They’re offering two models – the Exacta (shortboard style, user friendly) and the Trifecta (box tail, high performance). Although the Exacta is labeled as a user friendly board, the advanced level riders shouldn’t be discouraged from picking one up (see Noah Flegel in the video above).

They’re starting to pop up at shops all over the place and can be found online in a few places as well (BoardCo, WakeMakers).

If you happen to run across one make sure to snag a picture and send it our way!