WSM Platinum Sponsor: NautiCurl

Wakesurfing. Whether your experience with it is a pastime, family event, sport, or career, there’s one thing all riders strive for – a powerful clean wave. Our friends at NautiCurl set out to engineer an affordable way to help riders achieve that goal, and they absolutely succeeded.

As the popularity of wakesurfing soars, so do the prices of boats that are factory equipped with wakeshaping devices. While these boats are still selling well, wakesurfers who were happy with their current non-wakeshaper equipped boats only had two options; either list their vessel to extreme angles or purchase extremely expensive electronic aftermarket devices that require drilling into their prized possession. The demand for an alternative was evident, and NautiCurl stepped up to the plate.

NautiCurl was founded for the love of the water and to spread their passion of the lake. As water enthusiasts and retired competitive wakeboarders, they’ve been creating wakes and waves since the 90s.

NautiCurl founders are Mechanical Engineers by trade and developed the NautiCurl Wake Shaper with FEA (finite element analysis) and rigorous testing and prototyping to create a Wake Shaper with both Performance and Style in mind. NautiCurl has a strong focus on customer service which is evident on the various watersport forums, and believes in the importance of loyalty to their partners.

Throughout their decades in the industry they’ve developed a resume of partnerships and strong relationships that include Obrien, Doomswell, FatSac (Barefoot Int’l), Brigade, Pro-Tec, iDol, Lead Wake, Short Bus, Boardstop, OnlyInbooards as well as numerous other dealers and companies.

Make sure to check out their website. Not only are they offering their Wake Shaper, they also have a variety of other wakesurfing related products such as boards, ballast, and even swag!

We at WSM are thrilled to have the support of NautiCurl and cannot thank them enough for the opportunity! Be on the lookout for upcoming posts that feature NautiCurl in action!

Nice boat, Nice board, Nice Day… Nice Wake Shaper