Up and Comer: Hayden Wallace

WSM: Let’s start with our typical interview questions. What’s your name, where are you from, and how long have you been wakesurfing?

Hayden: My name is Hayden Wallace and I’m from Milton, Georgia. I learned how to wakesurf on September 7th 2015 behind my best friends 2010 Wakesetter. A few days later on September 19th we bought a 2012 Moomba Mobius LSV just as the season was ending. In 2016 I started surfing on a Hyperlite Gromcast. I have always been super tall so that board was just a tad too small. I hadn’t progressed much until June of 2017 when my parents surprised me with a new board. I was then able to drop the rope and stay in the pocket immediately and began to love surfing more than ever. That’s when I started my surfing Instagram account @wallacewakesurf to share my wakesurfing journey.

WSM: Prior to wakesurfing, were you doing any other towed watersports?

Hayden: Yes, I learned how to waterski when I was a 7 years old. It was the original watersport I grew up doing.


WSM: Do you remember the first time you experienced wakesurfing? Were you immediately hooked or did that come with time? 

Hayden: I remember surfing for the first time very well. I was immediately hooked!! Coming from waterskiing and never wakeboarding it was a little difficult and I couldn’t stay in the wave at all. Even though I wasn’t very good, I was still instantly hooked.


WSM: Do you remember the first time you dropped the rope? Were you able to stay in the pocket or did you immediately get washed out?

Hayden: I definitely remember dropping the rope for the first time. I was on one of my friend’s 2013 Super Air Nautique G23 and I surprisingly stayed in the pocket for around 4 minutes before washing out.


WSM: What was the first trick you landed and how long did it take you to get it? 

Hayden: It took me about two months to learn the board slide but I’m still trying to perfect it and continue to practice it.

WSM: Have you been able to meet any pro riders? Do you have a favorite?

Hayden: Sadly I have not met any pro riders yet, but my all-time favorite surfer is Ashley Kidd!


WSM: How far would you like to progress in wakesurfing? Do you have any major goals?

Hayden: I want to continue to push myself as much as possible with the overall goal of becoming a pro rider.


WSM: At what air and water temperature do you call it quits for the season?

Hayden: I would surf all year if I could but have to call it quits when it’s time to winterize the boat which is usually in November. I hope to start again in April when the water gets to about 70 degrees.

WSM: We heard you play lacrosse, is that something that helps you stay in shape when you’re not wakesurfing? How long have you been playing?

Hayden: Yes lacrosse definitely helps me stay in shape during the off-season. I have been playing since 3rd grade (now in 8th) and will be starting my 10th season this spring.


WSM: Carson, your brother, also wakesurfs. Is there a friendly rivalry there? Or are you at different levels of riding? 

Hayden: Yes my brother and I are both very competitive and always have friendly competitions on who can get the most air, land a trick first, …etc.  Carson rides skim and I ride surf so we have different styles.

WSM: Do you have any hobbies off the water?

Hayden: Yes I always have something to do and have lots of hobbies. I enjoy taking portraits of people and pictures of nature. I also have a very creative family and do some calligraphy in my spare time as well.


WSM: If you had your choice of music when riding, what would it be?

Hayden:  Living in Georgia I definitely love country music but love to surf to music I can dance to.  I have a surf playlist but sometimes I have to listen to whatever my dad puts on!


WSM: Where would you like to see wakesurfing go in the future?

Hayden: I would love for it to become as popular as other watersports and I would love to educate people about wakesurfing. It seems like a lot of people don’t know about the sport, or even know it exists. We still get a lot of stares from others when we are out riding.


WSM: Other than your brother, do you have any additional family members that ride?

Hayden: Yes my dad rides as well. We also have a big group of friends on our lake that surf too.

WSM: Is there a favorite trick you like watching the pros do? 

Hayden: I love watching Ashley Kidd pull off her big spins but really just enjoy watching all of them land incredible tricks.


WSM: What tricks are you working on? Anything you feel like lettings us know about? 

Hayden: I recently landed my 360 on a skim and I am definitely working towards perfecting that trick on my surfboard.

WSM: Do you have any sponsors, friends, or family you’d like to thank?

Hayden: I have so many people I would like to thank. Thanks to my sponsors Shortbus Board Co. and Nauticurl Wake Shapers for giving me the best surfing experience possible. I would also like to thank my dad for driving me around endlessly while I try to perfect tricks. He has helped me become the surfer I am today and he has made me really want to work hard at what I do. I would also like to thank Mark Flores for letting me surf behind his amazing boat all the time and making me work harder.


WSM: Would you like to plug any social media?

Hayden: Yes, follow me on instagram!! @wallacewakesurf Also follow my brother!! @carson_wakesurf

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