Well, another season is in the books for the World Wakesurfing Championships and their final stop at the WWSC17 in Kelowna, BC was filled with excellent riding and good vibes. Check out the final results below and check out our WWSC17 Video Replays to rewatch the livestream. Here’s to a great 2017 season and an even better 2018!

Pro Female Skim
1st – Jodi Grassman
2nd – Caro Villeneuve
3rd – Brittney Nyrose
4 – Julie Vasselin

Pro Male Skim
1st – Jake Caster
2nd – Keenan Flegel
3rd – John Akerman
4th – Aaron Witherell
5th – Grant Witherell
6th – Dominic Lagace

Pro Female Surf
1st – Ashley Kidd
2nd – Allison Sos
3rd – Jordan Wolfe
4th – Cassidy Gale
5th – Angie Viland
6th – Madia Horta

Pro Male Surf
1st – Keenan Flegel
2nd – Aaron Witherell
3rd – Noah Flegel
4th – Connor Burns
5th – Chris Wolter
6th – Jake Breedlove

Outlaw Female Skim
1st – Jennifer Edwards
2nd – Lara Latham
3rd – Nicole Hudson
4th – Cathy Ringer

Outlaw Female Surf
1st – Lily Anderson
2nd – Korinn Woodard
3rd – Nicole Hudson
4th – Taylor Wolfe
5th – Samar Suleiman

Outlaw Male Skim
1st – Sebastien Balland
2nd – Anthony Edwards
3rd – Drew Drennan
4th – Codey Inman
5th – Markus Lahmer

Outlaw Male Surf
1st – Sebastien Balland
2nd – Evan Feierabend
3rd – Drew Drennan
4th – Jesse Baba
5ht – Adam May

Amateur Female Skim
1st – Sara Tallon
2nd – Christtany Harler
3rd – Sydney Spicer
4th – Caitlin Wheeler

Amateur Female Surf
1st – Bailey Rush
2nd – Sara Tallon
3rd – Jamee May
4th – Zoey Montgomery

Amateur Male Skim
1st – Nick Parros
2nd – Adam Wheeler
3rd – Andy Latham
4th – Vance Randall
5th – Vitaly Ivanov

Amateur Male Surf
1st – Stephen Hammell
2nd – Dylan Ayala
3rd – Perry Morrison
4th – Dino Wilson

Masters Female Skim
1st – Tracy Wright
2nd – Susan Halford
3rd – Carly Newell
4th – Janelle Harrington

Masters Female Surf
1st – Jen Turnbull
2nd – Kelley Marsh
3rd – Dawn Hooks
4th – Bridgetta O’Shea

Masters Male Skim
1st – Ricky Edmonds
2nd – Eric Grindland
3rd – Todd Witherell
4th – Craig Halford

Masters Male Surf
1st – Mike Viland
2nd – Kelly de Rivero
3rd – Rob Harrington
4th – Duane Giguere

1st – Ryder Duczek (skim)
2nd – Rylee Steffen (surf)
3rd – Montanna Rousselle (skim)
4th – Cassidy Boehm (skim)

Full Results with scores: