WSM: Shoes or flip flops?

Perry: Flip flops


WSM: Which is better, competition or freeriding?

Perry: Freeriding


WSM: Wakesurf rope with or without a handle?

Perry: Rope with a handle


WSM: Are shoes allowed on the boat, yes or no?

Perry: No


WSM: More important, wind conditions or water/air temperature?

Perry: Wind Conditions


WSM: YouTube or Vimeo?

Perry: YouTube


WSM: More impactful, instaedits or full length edits?

Perry: Full length edits


WSM: Instagram or snapchat?

Perry: Snapchat


WSM: What’s worse, getting a papercut or taking a board to the shin?

Perry: Taking a board to the shin


WSM: Pizza or icecream

Perry: Pizza


WSM: Get up early for glass or sleep in and take your chances?

Perry: Get up early for glass