Ever wonder if you and a pro have anything in common? Well, let’s find out! We had World Champ Jodi Grassman answer some simple rapid-fire questions for the fans. Let’s see what she said!


WSM: Shoes or flip flops?

Jodi: Shoes


WSM: Which is better, competition or freeriding?

Jodi: Freeriding


WSM: Wakesurf rope with or without a handle?

Jodi: With handle


WSM: More important, wind conditions or water/air temperature?

Jodi: Temperature, I do not like the cold. I don’t mind wind because you never know what the conditions will be like at a competition.


WSM: YouTube or Vimeo

Jodi: Youtube


WSM: What’s worse, stepping on a lego barefooted or banging your shin during a failed shuv attempt?

Jodi: Definitely a board to the shin.