We were lucky enough to get behind a 2019 WT-Surf that was purchased by an incredible family located not too far from the WSM headquarters (shout out to the Oates, their kiddos, and dog Rose!). They got the boat for a great deal from NC Marine. Yes,¬†that’s right, a family from South Central Texas DROVE 22 hours all the way to North Carolina to pick up the boat themselves (not to mention 24 hours back). Did they pass dealerships that sell HeyDays along the way? YUP! Why did they go so far you ask? Well, the folks at NC Marine use social media (@heydayinboardsnc on Instagram) to engage with our wakesurfing community. Yes… that’s the world we live in now. Like it or not, it seems social media is here to stay and is as important as all the youngsters say it is. Sorry, mom and pop shops with 5 Instagram posts per year, that ain’t cutting it. Are you one of the dealers they passed on their way to North Carolina? Step up your game brochacho¬†and start posting!