WSM Interviews: Emily Agate

WSM: Let’s start with our typical interview questions. What’s your name, where are you from, and how long have you been wakesurfing?

Emily: I’m Emily Agate. I was born in England and moved to Canada when I was 16. Through wakesurfing, I met my husband Nathan Smith which brought me to Mesa, AZ a year and a half ago. I started wakesurfing in 2011.


WSM: You have to tell us about Nixon! What’s it been like being a mom and pro wakesurfer? How many times have you been able to take him out on the boat?

Emily: Nixon is amazing! We are so lucky to be blessed with a happy, healthy, easy baby boy. Nixon has become my number 1 priory in life that is for sure. I still love surfing and always will, but we don’t go to the lake as often as we used to and I don’t ride as long as I used to. He has come to the lake with us every time and loves being on the boat. I’m excited for him to grow up on my the water, an opportunity I never got living in England.


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WSM: We love your Wakesurf Wednesday trick tip videos. Once the season is in full swing, and things with Nixon get to a constant schedule, will you be adding more?

Emily: Yes, I plan to continue my Wakesurf Wednesdays. I love helping people out. I find it so rewarding to help someone land a trick they have been working on.



WSM: Do you remember the first time you experienced wakesurfing? Was it love at first sight or did it take a while for you to catch on?

Emily: The first time I tried, I didn’t like it. It was on a terrible wave and a long, unresponsive board. All you did was drive around in circles and stand in the same spot! Haha. At the end of summer 2011 I tried behind a better boat with a smaller board and then I was hooked! I bought a board on sale at the end of the season and convinced my parents to get fat sacks. The next summer I was eager to surf, but thought you just carved around and threw in the occasional board slide. It wasn’t until the Koocanusa Wakesurf Challenge in 2012, a comp on my local lake hosted by Caro, that I realized you could do so much more!


WSM: What was the first trick you learned and how long did it take you to get it?

Emily: Does a board slide count!? Haha, I did them pretty much straight away. I went for a lesson with Caro a week before her comp and she taught me some beginner tricks; a bottom turn, ollie in the flats, and floater. I picked them up pretty quickly. Airs and a 360 took me many tries to master!


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WSM: Is the competition scene something you’ll be hitting in 2018? Or will you focus more on freeriding?

Emily: We plan to go to a couple close to home. My first competition will be the one in Parker AZ in a few weeks.


WSM: Tell us about your gear, what board will you be riding in 2018?

Emily: From the first day I rode a Soulcraft I have never wanted to ride anything else. Jeff is like family to me and we have been working together for many years to create the pro model I ride today. It’s a 4”5 blunt nose, diamond fang.


WSM: We have a few Soulcraft boards in our quiver and absolutely love them. How long have you been riding for Soulcraft and how did you meet Jeff?

Emily: I met Jeff at worlds in 2012, he took me out to try one of his boards and I had never ridden a board that made me smile quite like a Soulcraft. I call them the smile makers!



WSM: What type of boat are you typically riding behind and can you clue us in on your ballast setup?

Emily: I ride behind my Tigé Z1. It’s the perfect board for me. Easy to tow, drive and set up a great wave! Ballast all depends on how many people are out with us. If there are just three, I will fill front ballast to about 50% and back 100%. If more people are there, I add additional front ballast. I ride Taps at 3 and Surf at 8.


WSM: How has life been riding for Tige? Tige makes their boats right here in our home state of Texas so we have a lot of love for them, especially the RZX3!

Emily: Tige has been a great sponsor to me. Not only do they make a great boat, they have always stayed true to their word, brought me amazing opportunities (like spending a week helping and driving for Bethany Hamilton) and supported me.


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WSM: If you had your choice of music when riding, what would it be?

Emily: I’m happy listening to whatever the driver wants to play!


WSM: Where would you like to see wakesurfing go in the future?

Emily: It has already changed and grown so much in the past 5 years. I just want to help more people get out there and have fun. Find a passion and/or reach their goals.


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WSM: What advice would you give a newcomer to the sport that’s looking to progress and learn new tricks?

Emily: Time behind a boat is key. Always remember to have fun and work on your style as well as new tricks.


WSM: What tricks are you working on? Anything you feel like lettings us know about?

Emily: Right now, getting my old ticks consistent again after a baby!


WSM: Do you have anyone you’d like to thank for supporting you along the way?

Emily: My parents drove me for many hours to help progress. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.


WSM: Would you like to plug any social media?

Emily: You can find all my Wakesurf Wednesdays on my YouTube channel to watch over and over to help you.


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