WSM Interviews: Brittney Nyrose

WSM: Let’s start with our typical interview questions. What’s your name, where are you from, and how long have you been wakesurfing?

Brittney: My name is Brittney Nyrose and I’m from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. I’ve been competing now for 7 years.


WSM: Prior to wakesurfing, were you doing any other towed watersports?

Brittney: Since I was about 12 years old I have been participating in watersports, trying kneeboarding, slalom skiing, and wakeboarding, but never competed in any of them.


WSM: Do you remember the first time you saw wakesurfing? Was it love at first sight or did it take you a while to catch on?

Brittney: Oh yes it was absolutely love at first sight. We saw another boat on our lake wakesurfing without a rope and I said, I have to try that! The first time I tried I was immediately hooked.



WSM: What as the first trick you learned and how long did it take you to get it?

Brittney: The first real trick that I learned was actually a body varial. I hadn’t seen anyone else in wakesurfing doing it so I thought it would be a cool trick to teach myself. I didn’t even know the name of it but thought wouldn’t it be cool to jump and switch stances on the board.
[Editor’s note: Is it safe to say Brittney is the only one to do a body varial as their first trick? That’s hard!]


WSM: What’s your favorite trick to throw?

Brittney: My favorite trick is a backside bigspin. I have always thought they looked so cool and I like the way it feels when you throw one.




WSM: Last year, you placed 3rd in the Pro Women’s Skim division at the World Wakesurf Championships from Kelowna, B.C. How much fun was that experience and were you nervous going into the finals?

Brittney: Kelowna was an amazing experience. I was so happy to finally have a World Championship in my home country of Canada and placing Third just topped off the experience. I always get nervous before I compete, but I am learning to channel my nervous energy to get pumped and ready to ride.



WSM: To compete in the worlds you have to have already competed in another event in the same season, which event(s) did you compete in and how did you do?

Brittney: I competed in the Arizona Wakesurf Open in May, taking third in women’s pro skim in that competition, then in July I competed in the Supreme NW Wakesurf Open in Seattle where I placed first in women’s pro skim, Alberta Wake Provincials where I placed second in the women’s pro division, and the Koocanusa Wakesurf Challenge where I also placed second in women’s pro skim.



WSM: Do you have any rituals you do before you compete? Are you isolated and getting pumped up? Or, are you open and relaxed?

Brittney: I have a pre-run warmup that I complete that consists mostly of dynamic stretches and sport-specific movements to get me ready. I have a playlist I listen to and also go through a visualization of my routine before I head out on the water to compete.


WSM: How has it been riding for Phase 5? What board are you riding and how did your relationship with them begin?

Brittney: Phase 5 is amazing. I could not ask for a better board company to support me. I currently ride the Phase 5 Luv and it’s a great board that has really helped push my riding to the next level. My relationship began with Phase 5 when Drew Danielo approached me to join the team after my first World Championships in 2011. I was so honored to be selected to be a part of such an amazing team and I have been with them ever since.


How about Centurion, what boat are you riding and can you clue us into what your ballast setup is?

Brittney: This past season I rode the 2017 ri237 and will be upgrading to a 2018 shortly. These boats are the best in the industry and create the best wave without much hassle or extra weight. This year I’ve really played around with my set-up to prepare for changing wave conditions in competitions. I mostly run 100% in the RAMS and back bags, then fill the center ballast to my liking that day and depending on how many spectators I have with me in the boat.


We also heard LeadWake offers you support. How many bags of theirs do you run in the boat?

Brittney: Leadwake provides an extra enhancement to my set-up and are great supporters of their athletes. I like to ride with only a few people in the boat and so the LeadWake bags provide the extra weight I need to compensate for fewer people. I use 8 – 50 lbs. bags in the boat most of the time.


WSM: When you’re practicing during the season who’s usually driving and on the boat with you? Is it a packed crew or just a few friends?

Brittney: I typically have a set crew of 3-4 people. My family and boyfriend have been great in supporting me and driving/spotting whenever I need it. My best friend Tayler is my number 1 surf buddy and always on the boat as driver, spotter, photographer, and snack-provider. I also love introducing new people to the sport and will try to get people out on the boat to try it whenever I can.



WSM: If you had your choice of music when riding what would it be?

Brittney: Anything with a really good beat.


WSM: Where would you like to see wakesurfing go in the future?

Brittney: Of course the ultimate goal would be to see wakesurfing as an Olympic sport, but I’d like to see it continue to grow and become more popular with more local contests. Being in the sport for 7 years now I have seen the growth from a couple contests with one division for females to over 20 different contests around the world and the divisions keep on growing as well.


WSM: What advice would you give a newcomer to the sport that’s looking to progress and learn new tricks?

Brittney: First I’d advise them to get a good board. Having the right size board that works for you goes a long way in helping you progress faster. The Phase 5 scamp is great for younger kids and I use it lots when I teach.



WSM: What tricks are you working on? Anything you feel like lettings us know about?

Brittney: I’m working on a 540 shuv and an Air 360. The Air 3 is one trick that has always been on my list to accomplish.


WSM: Do you have anyone you’d like to thank?

Brittney: I’d like to thank my parents for their never-ending support. I’d also like to thank my good friends and family for always cheering me on and my sponsors: Centurion Boats, Phase 5 Wakesurf boards, LeadWake, Wizard Lake Marine, Wakesurf Edge and Just Liquid Sports. Lastly, I’d like to thank you all at Wakesurf Media for doing this interview and promoting the sport of wakesurfing!


WSM: Would you like to plug any social media?

Brittney: @1brittnyrose on twitter and Instagram
Youtube: Brittney Nyrose



We want to thank Brittney for giving WSM her time and we look forward to seeing more from her in the future as she continues to progress in her career and push wakesurfing into the future!