First Time Wakesurfing – How To Get Up – Go Forward and Back – Stay With the Wave

[Editor’s note:] Although each thumbnail is the same below, each video is a unique clip. We’ve cut them down to size for ease of viewing and to break out the process step by step. Special shout out to Chantel Boats & Wakemakers for posting these fantastic videos on YouTube!

Step 1: How to get into position

You’ve gotta jump in at some point (nose plug or not… your choice). In this clip, you can see how to position yourself with the rope, board and boat. Heel position is key.


Step 2: Getting the board on your feet

If you’ve wondered “how does the board stay on my feet” then we have the answer for you below. It is critical to get the board flipped up and firm on your feet before you begin to stand up.


[Alternate] Step 2: Getting the board on your feet if you can’t flip it up with your heels.

Getting the board to flip up to your feet by just pressing your heels down can be difficult. If you’re having trouble with that step the video below shows an alternate method.


Step 3: Letting the boat pull you up

Finally… actually getting up and riding. It is important to let the boat do the hard work for you. Timing is key – avoid standing up too early.


Step 4: Positioning once you’re up

Once you’re up you want to avoid the area between the wakes. This video will show you the correct position to be riding in (wave on your toeside).


Step 5: Going forward and back (with the rope)

Gas and brake – forward and back – this is the basics of how it’s done.


Step 6: Surfing without the rope (the sweet spot)

Letting go never felt so good.